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LFFI18_Zukunft Deutscher Film_Rückenwind von vorn

Rückenwind von vorn

Philipp Eichholtz

Charlie is stuck. Five days a week, she works as a teacher. She mostly spends her evenings with boyfriend Marco in their shared apartment. Although she has smartly dodged his desire to have children so far, the adventure trip to South Korea, which was planned for their fifth anniversary, is still cancelled. Among others, Grandma Liesbeth’s stomach ulcer is also to blame for this. Somehow, nothing works out the way Charlie wants it to. Constantly, she subordinates her will to those of others. Does she still manage to escape once in a while? And what does she actually want? Only one thing is certain: Being an adult is not that easy.

In Rückenwind von Vorn  Philipp Eichholtz paints a caring and credible portrait of a young woman who, in a summer between friendship and family, learns a lot about herself – completely without a self-discovery trip. 

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Direction Philipp Eichholtz
Year GER 2018
Duration 77 min
Language German OV
Production Philipp Eichholtz, Oliver Jerke
Cast Victoria Schulz, Aleksandar Radenkovic, Daniel Zillmann et al
Camera Fee Scherer
Script Philipp Eichholtz
Editing Markus Morkötter, Daniel Stephan

Future German Cinema