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Selbstkritik eines bürgerlichen Hundes

Julian Radlmaier

*HESSE PREMIERE* *_FOLLOWING TALK IN PRESENCE OF DIRECTOR JULIAN RADLMAIER_* Big fun! Apple harvest in Brandenburg. A colorful group of Berlin art bohemians muster. Right in the middle of it all: film director Julian and his object of adoration Camille (*Deragh Campbell*). She is lured with getting the main roles in a film, for which he conducts the on-site research. The theme: Post-communism plus Utopia (s). _"In times of neo-liberalism, it is important that other social concepts exist and have existed",_ said 32-year-old director *JULIAN RADLMAIER*. His degree film at the *dffb Berlin* became the insider tip of the *"PERSPECTIVE"* series at this year's *BERLINALE*. Because he is so easy-going and yet far away from fooling around. *Radlmaier*: _"The most radical communist among my friends had to play an Afd-like guy for punishment."_ And what about the dog? This greyhound always provides an ideological superstructure. And, because *JEAN RENOIR* and *PASOLINI* inspired *Julian* the essayistic satire culminates in the dreamland of all Communists, Italy ("Festa de L'Unita", such a long time ago). _"None of the hopeful directors in the Perspektive Deutsches Kino [Berlinale] dares such a light tone. No author invents more sensitively and fantasises more resolutely than the 32-year-old DFFB graduate."_ – Gunda Bartels, TAGESSPIEGEL _"So much criticism of the system art will be punished with an enthusiastic hug!" _– Thekla Dannenberg, Perlentaucher.de

1 April 2017

21:30 h,

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Direction Julian Radlmaier
Year D 2017
Duration 99 min
Language German OV
Camera Markus Koob
Script Julian Radlmaier
Editing Julian Radlmaier

Presented by:

Future German Cinema