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Sergio & Sergei (Sergio & Serguéi)

Ernesto Daranas Serrano

Cuba 1991: The idealistic, Marxist university lecturer and radio ham Sergio fights for his family’s livelihood while the country’s economy suffers under the consequences of the USSR’s downfall. By accident, he contacts the last soviet cosmonaut by radio, who remains on a space station. He is none the wiser about the political upheavals on earth – and yet it threatens his life. Who is to bring him back from space? With Sergio’s help, he tries to move his new government to action. But amid the chaos, the Cuban authorities must not know that, of all things, he is seeking help from an American…

Sergio & Sergei interrogates what happens when the world one believes in ceases to exist and combines themes such as friendship, belief and optimism under the threat of massive political changes. It shows how this can plunge any individual into chaos and how the protagonists try to deal with it – without giving up their own beliefs and losing hope.

Sergio & Sergei is part of the Official Selection at the Toronto International Film Festival 2017. At the International Film Festival of the New Latin American Cinema, the film was awarded the People’s Choice Award.

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Direction Ernesto Daranas Serrano
Year E/CUB/USA 2017
Duration 93 min
Language Multi lingual, English subtitles
Production Jaume Roures/Joel Ortega/Ramón Samada
Cast Héctor Noas, Tomás Cao, Ron Perlman, Yuliet Cruz, Mario Guerra
Camera Alejandro Menéndez
Script Ernesto Daranas Serrano, Marta Daranas
Editing Jorge Miguel Quevedo
Music Micka Luna

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German premiere