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LFFI18_Zukunft Deutscher Film_Shut up and Play the Piano

Shut Up and Play the Piano

Philipp Jedicke

In the presence of the director Philipp Jedicke 

Take classical piano tunes mixed with electronic sounds, add rap and pop influences and out comes: musical chaos? No, not with Jason Beck. Better known under his pseudonym “Chilly Gonzales“, the entertainer plays with opposing music genres, and with great success. He is considered as an example for numerous notable artists such as Daft Punk.

In his directorial debut Shut Up and Play the Piano, Phillip Jedicke devotes himself to Gonzales’ image in the music and media industry, as well as his self-perception within the field. He traces the musician’s biographical path, from the first band formation in his homeland Canada, over various club scenes, up to his current stage presence. The interviews, life recordings of performances, as well as private anecdotes, which are shown in the documentary, give a rare insight into the personality behind the fictional character Chilly Gonzales.

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Direction Philipp Jedicke
Year GER 2018
Duration 82 min
Language German/English/French language with German subtitles
Production Rapid Eye Movies, Gentle Threat, Stephan Holl & Antoinette Köster
Camera Marcus Winterbauer & Marcel Kolvenbach
Script Philipp Jedicke

Presented by:

Future German Cinema