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Some like it equal – Gender Equality in Film

Cornelia Köhler, Silke Johanna Räbiger, Annette Ernst and Frank Döhmann

Host: Dr. Sabrina Wagner

From Hollywood actresses to camera women: unequal wages and treatment of women still seems to pertain the film industry. The event discusses perspectives and actions of the equalization of women in film and media. Protagonists this subject area discuss different approaches, explain the current status of things and give a view onto possible developments in the future.

Cornelia Köhler is a producer of the RTL-sitcomsDas Amt”, “Bernds Hexe”, and “Nicht von dieser Welt”. As a dramaturgic consultant she was involved in the films “Lowlights” and “Pommes essen” and is co-author of the documentary “Liebe Oma, guten Tag”. For “Deutsch Interaktiv”, a DVD series on German literary history she acted as director and screenwriter. She is a member of the board for Women in Film and Television Germany (www.wiftg.de)

Silke Johanna Räbiger worked for the International Women’s Film Festival in Dortmund from 1986 until 2005 and became its director in 1992. 2007 she assumed the artistic direction of the IFFF Dortmund | Köln, the only international Women’s Film Festival in Germany, that takes place alternating between Köln and Dortmund. With the festival she organises an international networking event for women filmmakers who dedicate themselves to questions of gender equality and diversity during the Berlinale since 2013. Räbiger was a member of the selection committee of the Film Festival Max-Ophüls-Prize in Saarbrücken for 7 years until 2016 and is a member of the Landesausschuss NRW der Deutschen Künstler*innenhilfe.

Frank Döhmann, film producer and filmmaker, is a professor for Film Production at the KHM since 2001. From 1998 to 2004 he was the director at Colonia Media Köln, in 2005 at Studio Hamburg Production, from 2006 to 2009 at Novafilm and Nostro Film as well as from 2009 to 2013 of Badlands Film.

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