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Stray Dogs (Jiao You)

Tsai Ming-liang

The first shot takes us into a dilapidated apartment in Taipei, Taiwan. Inside, two children sleeping, while their mother watches over them. Shortly after, the mother is gone and the children continue living with their father in a container. Until a lonely supermarket cashier promises them the chance for a better life. Stray Dogs portrays the emptiness of the existence of a man who is bereft of his time and for whom the meaninglessness of his future and past has become apparent. Using long, compelling shots, the film adds a compelling beauty to the misery while the soundtrack of wind and water accompany the unusual narrative. Unlike any other, Tsai Ming-liang knows how to use the language of cinema to captivate and seduce his audience with his subtle mise-en-scène. Giving poverty a sense of dignity through cinematographic refinement, Stray Dogs is nothing short of both a sensual and daring masterpiece. Winner of the Grand Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival. _"Stray Dogs asks a lot of us. In fact it asks us to set aside everything we've been conditioned to think movies are, and roll with a different way of seeing and hearing things, and connect."_, Matt Zoller Seitz, RogertEbert.com _"Every shot of Stray Dogs has been built with utter formal mastery; every sequence exerts an almost telepathic grip. This film could have been beamed to Venice from another planet."_, Robbie Collin, The Telegraph "*Buy ticket >>*":http://www.adticket.de/Lichter-Filmfestival-Shop.html?format=raw&searchname=Stray%20Dogs

18 March 2015

20:30 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Tsai Ming-liang
Year Taiwan / France
Duration 138 min
Language Mandarin original version with English subtitles
Production Vincent Wang
Cast Lee Kang-sheng, Yang Kuei Mei, Lu Yi Ching, Chen Shiang Chyi, Lee Yi Cheng, Lee Yi Chieh, Wu Jin Kai
Camera Liao Pen Jung and Sung Wen Zhong
Script Tung Cheng Yu, Mr. Tsai, Peng Fei
Editing Lei Zhen Qing

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