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Subject: Filmmaking

Edgar Reitz, Jörg Adolph

In 1968, the renowned filmmaker Edgar Reitz and a film team created an environment for four weeks in which a class of Munich girls’ high school was able to get to know the medium of film and experiment with Super 8 cameras themselves. 55 years later, they decide on a class reunion at which the films they made are rediscovered and reflected upon.

When talking about media literacy these days, this term covers so many fields that no other media can compare. In particular, the most important art form of the 20th century, film, usually falls on deaf or untrained ears with its aesthetic language. In contrast to literature or music, this educational gap is not yet filled by the German school curriculum, resulting in cinematographic illiteracy. Filmstunde_23 highlights how essential film is and always will be to personal development and school education.

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Direction Edgar Reitz, Jörg Adolph
Country Germany
Year 2024
Duration 89 min
Language German
Production Ingo Fliess, Ferdinand Freising, Florian Kummert, Christian Reitz
Camera Mathias Reitz Zausinger, Markus Schindler, Daniel Schönauer, Thomas Mauch (1968), Dedo Weigert (1968)
Script Jörg Adolph, Edgar Reitz
Editing Anja Pohl, Jörg Adolph, Felicitas Sonvilla
Sound Jonas Egert, Michael Hinreiner
Sound Design Jörg Elsner

Berlinale 2024

Presented by:Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

About the directors 

German director Jörg Adolph is a German Film Award-winning freelance documentary filmmaker and research/artistic assistant at the HFF Munich. Many of his documentary films receive a regular cinema release, such as most recently The Secret Life of Trees or Bird's Eye View. He already met Filmstunde_23 co-director Edgar Reitz during the documentary Making of "Heimat", in which amazing insights are given behind the scenes of the sequel to Reitz' "Heimat" trilogy.

The extraordinary German filmmaker Edgar Reitz doesn't really need much of an introduction. His monumental "Heimat" cycle made him internationally famous and sparked a debate about the subject it deals with as well as the controversial term "Heimat". He also realised many experimental film projects, including several sequels to the original "Heimat" series, and received the German Director's Award 'Metropolis' with the VG Bildkunst Honorary Award for his life's work.

Press reviews

“It would hardly by surprising if the Niza Super 8 camera, as used in the film, suddenly went out of stock. Filmstunde_23 makes you want to make your own films!” (Niklas Michels, Kino-Zeit)

Filmstunde_23 offers this lively, playful exercise that joins different periods of time. However, at its heart lies a much deeper concern. Reitz argued for bringing cinema into the school curriculum and continues to feel the same necessity.“ (Akash Deshpande, HIGHONFILMS)

“[...] the film made it clear, both past and present, what talent he [Edgar Reitz] has for using his natural charisma and his knack for language. You can’t help but listen this this man, especially because he mentions important things that permanently change my perspective on film, time, memory, forgetting and (most notably) education.” (Erik Hädrich, Letterboxd)


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