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Sunrise - Silent movie including live scoring of Benedikt Kuhn

F.W. Murnau

F.W. Murnaus´s first film Sunrise was shot in the USA, in its day it won three Oscars and even nowadays, it is considered one of the best films of all times by many critics. In Murnaus´s unique style, which is majorly influenced by expressionism, the film tells the story of a fatal affair between a peasant living in the country and a sophisticated beauty from the city.

Benedict Kuhn from Frankfurt-based producer- and DJ-duo Balduin highlights the pictures of Murnaus´s film through his specially composed music. It is a furious mixture of jazz/swing, classical and electronic music. On stage the trained musician fascinates his audiences with sweeping performances including the saxophone, clarinet, piano and guitar.

The live setting successfully premiered at the cinema series Stummfilm & Ton in Offenbach. This should be reason enough for LICHTER Filmfest to show the unique musical interpretation of the classic silent movie one more time. 

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Direction F.W. Murnau
Year D/USA 1927
Duration 95 min
Language original language with english subtitles