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Sur la planche

Leila Kilani

Badia and Imane live in the Moroccan port city Tanger and work in a shrimp factory. On their quest to escape their monotonous life, they meet Asma und Nawal who work in a textile factory in the free trade zone. For Badia, this European part of the city is the epitome of freedom. The four girls wander the streets at night and try to come closer to their dream of a better life by stealing. With the help of moving close-ups and at a speed which sweeps along the viewer, Leila Kilanis‘ film tells a story about faith and courage, but above all about the search for yourself and the pipe dreams in a globalised world.

31 March 2012

20:00 h,

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Direction Leila Kilani
Year F/LIT/RUS 2011
Duration 110 min
Language French/Arabic original with englisch subtitles
Production Charlotte Vincent, Hanneke Van der Tas
Cast Soufia Issami, Mouna Bahmad, Nouza Akel, Sara Bitioui
Camera Eric Devin
Script Leila Kilani
Editing Tina Baz

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