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Thomas Lawetzky

A heavy curtain, people who seemingly live in the pub and wads of smoke - the reasons to go to the Bumerang are simple: one goes because one knows that the one and only Sylvi works behind the bar. You go because you wait for a date about whom you know nothing. It is certain that you always get a cold drink and if desired, get a heated discussion. For fifty years, the Bumerang was a meeting place and refuge in one. In post-war Germany, the place was particularly popular among young leftists. Content-wise, the ’68 generation had plenty to discuss and thanks to Sylvi, politics were celebrated as much as sport was. The real Hessian woman had managed to create a place which people enjoyed visiting again and again. By choice, she then decided to retire after a long time. What remains is the pub as a place of longing. Filmmaker *THOMAS LAWETZKY*, a former regular himself, and his son *MATTHIAS* raise an eternal monument to the former cult pub. This film received support from the *HESSISCHE FILMFÖRDERUNG*.

30 March 2017

17:30 h,

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Direction Thomas Lawetzky
Year D 2016
Duration 87 min
Language German Original
Production Thomas Diehl
Camera Matthias Lawetzky
Editing Matthias Lawetzky

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