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Talking To You

Talking To You - Christof Lauer (sax)

Lucie Herrmann

He is one of the best jazz saxophonists in Europe, has played with the great stars of the international jazz scene, was a member of the NDR Big Band in Hamburg for 25 years, and was also a frequent guest at the hr Jazz Festival in Frankfurt. And he has remained true to his Hessian homeland: Christof Lauer. "I tell something about myself by playing and putting sounds together. That's my story," he says. Talking To You enters the musical cosmos of an idiosyncratic saxophonist who rejects any routine and persistently works on new forms. Most importantly: "it has to be intense!".

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Direction Lucie Herrmann
Country Germany
Year 2023
Duration 90 min
Language German
Production Lucie Herrmann Film
Cast Christof Lauer
Camera Meinolf Schmitz, Bert Schmidt
Editing Bert Schmidt
Sound Armin Reuss, Stephan Höfler, Bernhard Türcke, Pierre Brand

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In the presence of the director and Christof Lauer

Regional Feature Film Program