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Tatort: Wer bin ich? [Tatort: Who am I?]

Bastian Günther

“Wir sind hier nicht in Münster [This is not Münster]!” Inspector Murot is called to the parking ramp of a casino where a body has been found in the trunk of a car. So far, very Tatort. Cut. We are on set in Wiesbaden. While *Ulrich Tukur* is having a cup of coffee with the enactor of the body, news goes around that after the film crew’s traditional Bergfest the unit manager’s young assistant has been killed in a reputed car accident and his casino winnings are gone. The last one to have seen him alive: Tukur of all the people! But Tukur cannot remember that night. Soon, the investigators have an eye on him. Following the terrific Tarantino-Tatort *Im Schmerz geboren*, the *Hessischer Rundfunk’s* latest coup from Wiesbaden is also far from being the typical Sunday night crime entertainment. After a mere five minutes the fourth wall is smashed to the ground and the film character is revealed to be fictitious. The stage is set for the mercilessly satirical hall of mirrors of a typical Tatort film crew. It takes the mickey out of all sensitivities behind the camera, including the director obsessed with quotas (similarities with actual existing people fully intended), the egomaniacal Frankfurt acting colleagues (who incidentally reside in the same hotel), and the jealous co-inspector.

_“The sociopolitical mission: non-existent. But the way the actors and film makers of the Hessischer Rundfunk’s Tatort drop their trousers and engage in rigorous navel-gazing amounts to a smart, hilarious, and superbly impertinent metacrime film.”_ (Christian Buß, "Spiegel Online":http://www.spiegel.de/kultur/tv/tatort-heute-mit-ulrich-tukur-wer-bin-ich-im-check-a-1068954.html) _“That the whole team is able to live it up to their heart’s content on the meta level caters not only for a humorous accumulation, which would let any Münsteran Tatort look like an afternoon coffee party, it also ensures one side blow after the other against the whole Tatort bunch, who are always way too full of themselves. Broich, Koch, Wuttke – it is impressive to see what comes to light when these actors are unleashed. It is superb to see just how schizophrenia can be celebrated. Yes, what came into being here is nothing short of a damn masterpiece. […] Chapeau to this awesome film. After 40 years of Tatort this was simply necessary.”_ (Oliver Dietrich, "Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten":http://www.pnn.de/medien/1036031/)

2 April 2016

20:15 h,

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Direction Bastian Günther
Year D 2015
Duration 90 min
Language German OV
Production Jörg Himstedt, Liane Jessen
Cast Ulrich Tukur, Barbara Philipp, Wolfram Koch, Margarita Broich, Martin Wuttke, Michael Rotschopf, Justus von Dohnányi, Sascha Nathan, Matthias Scheuring u.a.
Camera Michael Kotschi
Script Bastian Günther
Editing Stefan Blau

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