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The Apple of My Eye (La Prunelle de mes yeux )

Axelle Ropert

*International Competition* The elevator – for most a place of oppressive silence. Not so for Theo and the blind Elise. Almost on a daily basis, the two meet in the elevator of their Parisian apartment, hissing, lamenting and insulting each other. From their astonishing openness, sympathy gradually grows. Whilst an unfortunate attempt to finally conquer Elise's heart, Theo has the idea to pretend to be a blind man himself. Not a good idea as it turns out. The situation escalates and the deception gets uncovered. Director *AXELLE ROPERT*, who already gathered festival experience with LICHTER through her debut film *_"LA FAMILLE WOLBERG"_* has once again met the right tone with her refreshing comedy between deception, deceit and lies. The hilarious relationship between the young, not very talented musician Theo, a great-grandson of a famous Greek Rembetiko singer, and Elise, who embodies the complete opposite as the piano tuner, is social-romanticism in the best French tradition.

29 March 2017

18:00 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Axelle Ropert
Year F 2016
Duration 87 min
Language Fr. OV with English subs.
Production David Thion, Philippe Martin
Cast Mélanie Bernier, Bastien Bouillon, Antonin Fresson, Chloe Astor et al.
Camera Sebastien Buchmann
Script Axelle Ropert
Editing Francois Quiquere

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