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the blue star la estrella azul

The Blue Star (La Estrella Azul)

Javier Macipe

Mauricio is one of the lucky few who can actually make a good living from their music, but the rock’n’roll musician is not completely satisfied with his current situation in the business. He goes on a trip to Argentina to search for inspiration and meets the Chacarera legend Carlos Carabajal. In addition to coming in contact with a different way of making music, this also shows him a new perspective on life and consequently their lives and creative paths mix for a while. Supported by a sensational soundtrack, The Blue Star, which is based on the story of the real musician Mauricio Aznar, takes you into the world of the Argentine folkloric lifestyle and turns a few old rules of feature films and documentaries on their head.

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Direction Javier Macipe
Country Spain, Argentinia
Year 2023
Duration 127 min
Language Spanish with English subtitles
Production Amelia Hernández Causapé, Simón de Santiago, Hernán Musaluppi, Diego Rodriguez
Cast Pepe Lorente, Cuti Carabajal, Mariela Carabajal, Noelia Verenice López, Demi Carabajal, Marc Rodríguez, Bruna Cusí, Catalina Sopelana, Aitor Domingo, Coya Chavero, Pablo Carabajal
Camera Álvaro Medina, Rui Poças
Script Javier Macipe
Editing Nacho Blasco
Music Peteco Carabajal, Alicia Morote

San Sebastián International Film Festival

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About the director

Javier Macipe is a spanish director and screenwriter from Aragón. With his short films Os meninos do rio (2014) and Gastos incluidos (2019), both of which received Goya nominations for best short fiction film, he won several awards at film festivals around the world. With La estrella azul (2023), Macipe presented his debut in full-length feature filmmaking at the San Sebastián International Film Festival, where he won the Youth Jury Award and the Cooperación Española Award.

Press reviews

„Special kudos to Macipe, two-time nominee for the Goya Short Fiction Film Awards, who reveals himself here no longer as a promise, but as a skilful and powerful filmmaker. No scene feels contrived. [...] Lorente is strikingly good in his first leading role as the charismatic Mauricio. He stands out, exuding charm and truth from every pore of his body.“ (David Villalmanzo, DMovies)

„The Blue Star is just what it claims to be, a small, honest film, at times moving and beautiful; a journey through the life of a character who could have been famous but chose not to be, and beyond that, a film about how we become the people we are.“ (Júlia Olmo, Cineuropa)

The director about the film

„I share Mauricio's dream of spreading what he discovered there. Apart from the beautiful style, it is also a way of experiencing the music of Central Argentina, which is impressive. Santiago del Estero is the place with the most musicians per inhabitant in the world. There are always guitars at every celebration or family gathering and people listen with great respect. It is the most sacred of temples. I have never known a place where music is so like a religion.“ Javier Macipe in an interview with Cineuropa


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