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LFFI18_Sonderscreening_Kirchberger Kurzfilmrolle

The Cinema-Concetta-Roll

Hommage to the Rüsselsheim artist collective around filmmaker Martin Kirchberger

Following Wunder der Wirklichkeit, a singular insight into the work of group Cinema Concetta around Martin Kirchberger, which had the 1980’s Rüsselsheim up in arms. Erich Schaffner, former actor in͞ Kirchi's films, assumes the role of cinema operator and rediscovered the archive with us:

Schneewalzer (Snow Waltz)Kirchi’s grandparents speak of times past, the grandfather plays the harmonica.

Stuhl in Extremsituationen (Chair in Extreme Situations) – A person in protective clothing sitting on a burning chair.

Der Stein (The Stone) – How do you levitate a 300kg heavy concrete monolith?

Schgaguler – On the art of burying cucumbers.

Brendel in Speikern – Admittedly, a cinema chair pinches more than a pub stool.

Der Flusensammler (The fluff collector) – A Frankfurt property owner is checking in.

Buchholz bleibt (Buchholz stays) – Cap. Buchholz strikes out and fixes up trees.

Frankfurt fühlen (Feeling Frankfurt) – Peter Paul Keller knows: The architecture of a city influences the muscular development of its population.

Bunkerlow – A satiric anti-war film that was the film crew’s downfall.

Graphics: Uwe Wenzel
Digitalisation: Omnimago
Sound-editing: Oliver Achatz

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Year D 2018
Duration 79 min
Language German language
Production HE-Film, Thomas Frickel / Cinema-Concetta-Stiftung
Cast Erich Schaffner
Camera Voxi Bärenklau
Script Thomas Frickel
Sound Ecki Kuchenbecker