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The Disorder of Things – Chaos as Political Concept

Magic lives within all chaos. Who has not at least once dreamed of reshuffling the cards, leaving the established behind, retrospectively turning the switch in one’s life. Because everything could very well be different. Bold revolutionaries, radical artists or disruptive thinkers – they are all united by the wish to strip off old orders, to make new ones. That is what makes chaos fascinating. Looking at current world politics, the itch for destruction appears to become an end in itself: Disinformation and madness in the White House, the new Russian joy in building bombs, the anti-European voting behaviour in many EU-countries, and even the destruction and dismantling in the German coalition talks are only a few examples. Is Chaos merely the prize of our complex world, a particularly destructive political concept or even the requirement for productive changes?

The discussion members at the kickoff of this year’s LICHTER-theme͞  "Chaos" are:

Prof. Dr. Martin Saar (Institute of Philosophy, Cluster of Excellence ͞Normative Orders at the Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main)
Prof. Marion Tiedtke (Schauspiel Frankfurt)
Ralf Fücks (Zentrum Liberale Moderne)

Host: Corinna Budras (FAZ)

About the Cluster of Excellence Normative Orders – partner of the accompanying programme 2018:
The Frankfurt Cluster of Excellence examines the formation of normative Orders with a special focus on contemporary conflicts sourrounding a͞ new world order͟. The network as part of the Excellence-Initiative is supported by the federal and state governments and bundles a series of research initiatives in the region of Frankfurt and beyond. The speaker-university is the Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main.

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