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LFFI18_Internationales Programm Chaos_The Goose

The Goose

Mike Maryniuk

Competition International Feature Award!

In presence of the main actor Robert Crooks!

In villages, freaks always stand out particularly. Branded as such, is the nameless protagonist known to all only as “the Goose“. Mute, introverted, and with sloping shoulders he is widely considered an idiot. Being chased around by village “youngsters“ in their mid-twenties for film shoots, and only endured on tasteless barbecue and pool parties, he prefers to retreat to his Arcade video games. Psychedelic daytime and nightmare sequences mirror the overload that continuously accompanies him. Maybe a time machine can help to escape from all this chaos of not-at-all-normal normality? Absurd plot twists, anarchic humor and a lot of Flicker and Mash up – The Goose is a special kind of visual trip.

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Direction Mike Maryniuk
Year CDN 2018
Duration 72 min
Language OV with English subtitles
Production Mike Maryniuk
Cast Rob Crooks, Bea Solsberg, Rob Vilar, Tim Roth, Washboard Hank Fisher, James Pinhead Miller
Camera Josh Marr, Mike Maryniuk
Script Mike Maryniuk
Editing Mike Maryniuk, Alek Rszeszowski
Music Paul Leary

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German premiere