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The house under the water

Sepideh Farsi

After many years in prison, Morteza is released from prison. His wife and friends have left him. Actually the former smuggler wanted to end his life. After the unsuccessful attempt to save a boy from drowning in a lake, he again ends up at the police station. He shares a dark secret with Taher, the investigating police officer. This secret not only reaches back 30 years but also has been buried deep below the surface of the lake. With dramatic images, the director Sepideh Farsi tells an almost classic tragedy which is carried by little dialogue and the impressive performance of the two main actors Masoud Reygan and Bijan Enkanian. The visually stunning film was supported by the Hessian Film Fund.

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Direction Sepideh Farsi
Year IR/D/F/NL/MA 2010
Duration 92 min
Language Farsi original with subtitles
Production Javad Djavahery, Karl Baumgartner
Cast Masoud Reygan, Bijan Enkanian
Camera Reza Sheykhi
Script Sepideh Farsi, Mohamad Reezaee Rad nach den Erzählungen von Bijan Najdi
Editing Sepideh Farsi