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The Innocent

The Innocent (L'Innocent)

Louis Garrel

Where can you find love? For Sylvie, prison seems to be the answer. But her son definitely does not agree, and his late friend’s girlfriend will help him get things straight. In Louis Garrel’s romantic comedy, people are constantly pretending to be others, trying to deceive people, luring them into making questionable choices, and juggling with their feelings. Whoever shows signs of naivete will get devoured by the harshness of life. How hard can it be to hide true love?

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Direction Louis Garrel
Country France
Year 2022
Duration 99 min
Language French with German subtitles
Production Anne-Dominique Toussaint
Cast Louis Garrel, Noémie Merlant, Anouk Grinberg, Roschdy Zem
Camera Julien Poupard
Script Tanguy Viel, Louis Garrel
Editing Pierre Deschamps
Sound Laurent Benaïm, Olivier Guillaume, Alexis Meynet

César Awards 2023: Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Screenplay

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About the Director

The French actor Louis Garrel was born in Paris on 14 June 1983. He is the son of the filmmaker Philippe Garrel and the actress Brigitte Sy. (...) The actor graduated from the Conservatoire de Paris. (...) In 2003 it was Louis Garrel's fourth film appearance that gave his fame a massive boost: In Bernardo Bertolucci's "The Dreamers" in 2003, he played Eva Green's twin brother Theo, who entered into a menage-à-trois with her and Michael Pitt. More films followed, including "Dans Paris" (2006), "Chanson der Liebe" (2007) and "Saint Laurent" (2014), which cemented his star status in France. However, remaining tied to acting alone was not enough for Louis Garrel. After trying his hand at three short films ("Mes copains", "Petit tailleur" and "La régle de trois"), he made his feature film debut in 2015 with "Zwei Freunde". Three years later, he also directed the feature film "A Faithful Man". Although Louis Garrel acted primarily in French films as an actor, he occasionally appeared in international productions: in 2019, for example, he played not only Alfred Dreyfus in Roman Polanski's "Intrigue" but also Friedrich Bhaer in Greta Gerwig's novel adaptation of "Little Women"." (Moviepilot)

Press Reviews

“In L'innocent mixt Regisseur, Hauptdarsteller und Co-Autor Louis Garrel gekonnt Humor mit einem Paranoia-Plot mit Heist-Elementen, wobei vor allem Noémie Merlant mit viel komödiantischem Talent zu gefallen weiss.” (Chris Schelb, Out Now)

“Louis Garrel creates a fun, exciting film about love as the driving force and essence of life” (Julia Ólmo, Cineuropa)

The Director About the Film

"As a crime film, it needs a crime, but the film is innocent in the sense of being light and naïve. That's rather a rarity today. We always want to be serious and intelligent, but I also want to convey a childlike sense of adventure and joy here." (Louis Garrel in Interview with Tagblatt)

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