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The Invisible Men

Yariv Mozer

Because they had to flee their homes, they are hiding in Israel: The Invisible Men tells the life stories of three gay Palestinians. Louie, 32, has been living in Tel Aviv for eight years. Abdu, 24, was outed in Ramallah, subsequently accused of espionage and tortured. Faris, 23, fled from the West Bank as his family wanted to kill him. But they are not safe in Tel Aviv either because they are staying illegally. Their only way out is to seek asylum in third countries, far away from Israel and Palestine. However, that means they would have to leave their homeland for good. In his documentary Yariv Mozer accompanies the three protagonists on their quest for recognition and captures the complex process of their decision making: They must try to understand their past, accept their present and at the same time fear their future. *Part of the LICHTER Audience Prize 2013* _Hesse premiere._ _"The film is a step above the average Israeli documentary, chronicling life in the nuanced cultural underbelly of the Jewish state, where the public sphere is brilliantly shattered by various incongruent lifestyles."_ _blogs.timesofisrael.com_ _Festivals a.o.:_ _-San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival:_ _documentary award_ _-International Queer Film Festval Hamburg_ _-!f Istanbul International Independent Films Festival_

20 March 2013

22:15 h,

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Direction Yariv Mozer
Country 11
Year IS/NL 2012
Duration 69 min
Language Arab./Engl./Hebr. OmU
Camera Shahar Reznik
Script Yariv Mozer, Adam Rosner
Editing Yasmine Novak