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Mathieu Orcel

*International Competition* *_German premiere_* *MUSIC: LUCY PATANÉ* In the small Argentinian coastal village Mar del Sud stands a dilapidated classicist hotel. *EDUARDO GAMBA*, together with his German shepherd, lives there by himself. He moved in there as a teenager and has never left since. He can tell thousands of stories about glamorous times at the "Boulevard Atlántico" and sometimes the building seems to turn upside down as if the whole world were a single invention. The inhabitants of the village are besides themselves because the brilliant "truth interpretor" GAMBA even earns a little money with guided tours through the oldest hotel in Argentina. Rarely do they share his opinion, and so, a small controversy develops in front of the camera about the "true" history of this mythical place. But wait! GAMBA simply has the better stories and therefore he should be able to tell them to us, right?

30 March 2017

20:00 h, Mal Seh'n Kino

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Direction Mathieu Orcel
Year ARG 2015
Duration 69 min
Language span. with Engl. subtitles
Cast Eduardo Gambam
Camera Mathieu Orcel, Ale Reynoso
Script Agustín Muñiz, Mathieu Orcel
Editing Christian Fuma

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German Premiere