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the new spirit of whiskey

The New Spirit of Whisky

Michael Hilger

Whisky, the Gaelic "water of life", has symbolised the rugged, peaty Highlands and its inhabitants for centuries. Historically, the women of a farm were largely involved in the distillation process and yet whisky is mostly drunk by men and associated with men. The female protagonists of the documentary challenge this limited view and lack of representation and give the Hessian film team detailed insights into the production of Scotland's national drink. Every step of the production process is illuminated, from the grain harvest to fermentation and delicate blending. Between the old oak casks, a new generation of female whisky makers is maturing and taking on the many challenges of the future with great ingenuity.

The film screening will be accompanied by a complementary whisky tasting, which can be additionally purchased at the box office for 35 Euros.

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Direction Michael Hilger
Country Scotland
Year 2023
Duration 66 min
Language English with German subtitles
Production Tonio Kellner, Jakob Zapf, Antonia Best
Camera Nicole Smith
Script Michael Hilger
Editing Bastian Ahrens
Sound Antoine Schweitzer, Michael Frick

WORLD PREMIERE | followed by: whisky tasting (Box Office, 35 EUR) - with Annick Seiz