16.04. ‐ 21.04.2024

The Phantoms of Europe – Masterclass with Albert Serra

Workshop discussion

Catalan director Albert Serra (born in 1975) is one of the most interesting younger voices in European author film. His films regularly draw on the cultural history of Europe from the Bible to colonialism, and productively develop it for our present. He shoots unconventional, very idiosyncratic films of unusual intimacy.

The first part of the master class entails a dialogue with Serra about his special cinematic approach, his view of Europe and his aesthetic influences such as Fassbinder, Trier, the Nouvelle Vague, but also opera and theater. In the second part, Serra will answer questions from fellow artists and the audience.

With: Albert Serra

17 April 2024

14:00 h, Festivalzentrum (Plenum)

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Duration 60 min

Panel in English with live translation to German

Congress Future German Cinema