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The Queen of Versailles

Lauren Greenfield

Jackie Siegel has made it. The former beauty queen from a working class background has become the wife of a billionaire and is now living the American Dream. The ultimate proof of her success is a planned mansion of gigantic proportions: America's largest private villa, inspired by the Castle of Versailles. Then, with the sudden event of the financial crisis, the fairy tale takes a turn for the worse and Jackie and her husband need to learn to make ends meet instead of spending endlessly. What might sound like a cynical dissection of the nouveau riches turns out to be both a highly entertaining documentary and a revealing social study about the haves and the soon-to-be have-nots. Photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield approaches her protagonist with a keen eye and respect, and never exposes Jackie more than she is willing to reveal herself. The film raises a couple of existential questions about money and wealth: How do you shift from affluence to austerity? How does happiness change if it depends on what you own? How do you climb down the social ladder once you were on top of it? _"A gaudy guilty pleasure that is also a piece of trenchant social criticism."_, New York Times _"Masterful. A wickedly funny allegory about the American Dream."_, The Huffington Post "Buy Ticket >>":http://www.adticket.de/Lichter-Filmfestival-Shop.html?format=raw&searchname=Queen%20of%20Versailles

19 March 2015

18:00 h,

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Direction Lauren Greenfield
Country USA
Year USA 2012
Duration 100 min
Language english OV
Production Lauren Greenfield, Danielle Renfrew Behrens
Camera Tom Hurwitz
Editing Victor Livingston

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