16.04. ‐ 21.04.2024

The Untapped Potentials of Europe – Alexander Kluge about utopias for the continent

Panel & World premiere of Alexander Kluge’s short film program

What would be possible in Europe? A hundred years ago, the Austrian writer Robert Musil wrote: “If there is a sense of reality, there must also be a sense of possibility.” But what are Europe’s possibilities beyond what exists? That Europe is not just a geographical area and also more than just a transnational network is generally understood. But what would and what could Europe be if there were no limits to our imagination?

Filmmaker Alexander Kluge (born 1932) has been asking that exact question for over 60 years. In a short film program, Kluge presents surprising visions for Europe. Afterwards, in conversation with Kluge and other guests, we explore the untapped possibilities of Europe and thus, politics beyond national thought patterns as well as laying the foundations for a shared future.

With: Alexander Kluge (via livestream), Elisabeth Bronfen

Moderator: Rüdiger Suchsland

17 April 2024

19:30 h, Festivalzentrum (Plenum)

More information Lichter FilmfestLichter Filmfest

Duration 120 min

Panel in German with live translation to English

Congress Future German Cinema