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les pires

The Worst Ones (Les Pires)

Lise Akoka, Romane Gueret

A casting call at a French school. Four troubled teens suddenly become parts of a filming community – where nothing is as expected. While things can get messy here, there are also no teachers and parents. Only adults who want to make a film and have yet to forget about their childhood. Les Pires thoughtfully depicts first love, how difficult it is to build trust, and how easily friendships can form.

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Direction Lise Akoka, Romane Gueret
Country France
Year 2022
Duration 99 min
Language French with English subtitles
Production Marine Alaric, Frédéric Jouve
Co-production France 3 Cinéma, Pictanovo
Cast Mallory Wanecque, Timéo Mahaut, Johan Heldenbergh, Loïc Pech, Mélina Vanderplancke, Esther Archambault, Matthias Jacquin, Angélique Gernez, Dominique Frot, Rémy Camus, François Creton, Carima
Camera Eric Dumont
Script Lise Akoka, Romane Gueret, Éléonore Gurrey
Editing Albertine Lastera
Sound Jean Umansky
Sound Design Boris Chapelle, Florent Klockenbring

Cannes 2022: Winner un certain regard, TIFF 2022

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The Director About the Film

„We didn’t just want to tell a story about a film shoot. What interested us the most was making a film all about children and how they experience emotions. There are several adult characters in the movie, but they’re in the background. So it primarily focuses on children, what they experience during the shoot and outside of the shoot (how this affects their lives in their neighborhood, within their families, with their friends, the matter of their reputation in a small neighborhood), and on those few shooting scenes which allowed us to explore something specific about their mise en abyme and their relationships. But it also involved a huge amount of editing, and the film was practically rewritten at that point.“ Romane Gueret im Interview mit Cineeurope

International Feature Film Program

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© Eric Dumont
© Eric Dumont