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LFFI18_ZDF_Den Satan zwingen

Thereto to force the Satan to

Robert Bramkamp (Project management)

Admittedly, the retro-realistic canyon is an impressive, in reality, however, a completely deserted landscape. Seated somewhere between stock footage and bad CGI, it is a symbolic stand-in for a lot of the things that are going wrong in german cinema. A group of students from the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg took on this landscape under the leadership of Robert Bramkamp and search for its origin. The result is an exciting, experimental film, with actor and attorney Dietrich Kuhlbrodt the legendary film critic in its centre, who takes the NDR and its film politics to court. The endless march on the trails of the arid desert canyon stands figuratively for the fight against the German television culture, which tries to push experimental filmprojects into a niche existence. The result is as little a common process as Dazu den Satan zwingen is a usual documentary. Because by pointing out the issues, it presents ways in which German films can be braver and more opinionated.

Collective project from students of the University of Fine Arts Hamburg.

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Direction Robert Bramkamp (Project management)
Year D 2017
Duration 105 min
Language German language
Cast Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Jutta Brückner, Lars Henrik Gass, Maike Mia Höhne, Olaf Möller, Wilfried Reichart, Bettina Reitz, Georg Seeßlen and more

Hessian premiere

Future German Cinema