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Kazik Radwanski

Tower recounts the everyday life of 34-year old Derek, who lives in his parents' basement in Toronto, spends his weekends looking for a wife, with limited success, and who spends a large part of free time creating computer animations of a green monster. Derek's inability to take full responsibility for anything leads to him feeling that he does not really belong any-where – so he remains in a state of self-paralysis, without being able to wanting to change his situation. In his first feature-length film, Kazik Radwanski examines everyday life and the monotonous routine of the protagonist with an aesthetic of uncompromising closeness, which is sometimes reminiscent of Darren Aronofsky or Lars von Trier, and whose excitement lies mainly in the emotional pull, which is created by the combination of camera work and acting. *Part of the LICHTER Audience Prize 2013* _Festivals a.o.:_ _Viennale_ _New Directors/New Films_ _Toronto International Film Festival_ _Locarno Film Festival_

20 March 2013

18:00 h,

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Direction Kazik Radwanski
Country Canada
Year CAN 2012
Duration 78 min
Language Engl.
Production Dan Montgomery, Medium Density Fibreboard Films
Cast Derek Bogart, Nicole Fairbairn
Camera Daniel Voshart, Rich Williamson
Script Kazik Radwanski
Editing Ajla Odobasic

German Premiere