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Trading Germans (Ein Pass für Deutschland)

Razvan Georgescu

Disguised as a tourist, the negotiator of the German Federal Government *Heinz Günther Hüsch* travels to Romania in 1968. In the back room of a Bucharest hotel "the man for difficult cases" negotiates with *Ceausescu's* dreaded secret service Securitate. The target: the biggest ransom action of the Cold War. 240,000 Romanian Germans can emigrate to the West in 1990. However, the price is high: Germany pays billions, countless families leave their Romanian homeland forever. *_"Trading Germans"_* is simultaneous a spy thriller and an artful documentary. Politicians and leaders of both sides give insights into the secret deal around the only crack in the Iron Curtain. The film with poetic images and original soundtrack also tells about the lives of emigrants such as handball legend *Hansi Schmidt* or writer *Johann Lippet*. *_"Trading Germans"_* leads the audience to Frankfurt as well. One of the protagonists has built a new life as a court interpreter between Zeil, Mainufer and Westend. Car rides through downtown Frankfurt put skyline and architectural highlights in the scene. Director *Razvan Georgescu*, son of the famous Romanian conductor *Remus Georgescu*, has edited the film at his residence in Hofheim am Taunus. Part of the post-production was carried out in the creative forge of Frankfurt's Ostend. Development, production and distribution were supported by the *Hessische Filmförderung*. _*In the presence of Director Răzvan Georgescu, main characters Dr. Heinz Günther Hüsch, Hans-Günther (Hansi) Schmidt and Hartwig Ochsenfeld, Producer Max Chrambach and Cutter Wolfgang Lehmann*_ *Rerun: 02. April 2016, 17:30 p.m., Caligari Filmbühne Wiesbaden*

1 April 2016

20:00 h, Mal Seh'n Kino

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Direction Razvan Georgescu
Country Germany
Year D/Rum 2015
Duration 90 min
Language German/Ruma. OV with English subtitles
Production Alexandru & Ada Solomon (Hi Film), Florian Hartung (Februar Film)
Cast Heinz Günther Hüsch, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Klaus Kinkel, Hans-Günther ("Hansi") Schmidt, Johann Lippet, and others
Script Razvan Georgescu

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Germany premiere