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Olga Petrova

Olga Petrova's grandfather is a local celebrity in the Ukrainian small town of Uman. For 50 years, against all odds, he had been the headmaster of the only sports school in the area. Not only did he offer free classes for different sports in water and on land for children and adolescents at his school, and enabled it to take part in World and European Championships. Above all, he ensured a diversity of pursuits and leisure activities for countless children in the small town. *_Opa_* is the affectionately elaborated biography in honor of the grandfather of a proud granddaughter who looks back on the life's work of her grandfather who led it with dedication and charity. The focus lies on a daily routine away from war and violence in the Ukraine and highlights interpersonal relationships. Already in 2010, *Olga Petrova*, graduate of the *HfG Offenbach*, memorialized her great-grandmother in Marivanna. Petrova's summarized and visualized biography of her great-grandmother received the jury's special mention at that year's LICHTER Filmfest. *Sound:* Kateryna Herasymchuk, Lutz Jahnke, *Head of Production:* Aijan Ryskulova, *In the presence of the director Olga Petrova* *_We are pleased to present "Road Movie Ukraine":http://www.lichter-filmfest.de/en/program/program-overview-2016.html?film_id=676, the second movie by Petrova in this year's program._* *IN THE CATEGORY TRIPLE FEATURE I WE WILL SHOW 3 SELECTED FILMS IN UNCONVENTIONAL FORMATS: “OPA,” “VIER DANACH,” AND “IN BETWEEN IDENTITIES.”*

31 March 2016

18:00 h,

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Direction Olga Petrova
Year D 2015
Duration 17:40 min
Language Original version with subtitles
Production Olga Petrova
Cast Vladislav Grjaznov
Camera Alex Trygub, Lutz Jahnke
Editing Astrid Rieger

World premiere