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Triple Feature II // Animal

Marc Puszicha

With diabolical cold humour, *_Animal_* shows and dissects a somewhat different job interview. Three candidates wait forever and are finally invited to a surreal, oppressive audience. *Marc Puszicha* circumnavigates effortlessly the lurking social movie clichés and creates something aesthetical instead. *Triple Feature II shows three carefully chosen films in unusual formats: „Gray Hat“, „Animal“ and „Ich fühle mich nicht so wohl dabei, dass du deinen Geburtstag zu einem Kulturevent machst“*

3 April 2016

20:00 h,

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Direction Marc Puszicha
Year D 2014
Duration 23:23 min
Language German OV
Production Lisa Meyer, Katharina Zinkand
Cast Mario Fuchs, Patricia Hector, Bernd-Christian Althoff, Andreas Mach, Anja Schwamberger und Felix von Manteuffel
Camera Ruben Treiber
Script Daniel Betz, Marc Puszicha
Editing Marta Violante