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*_Following talk in presence of the directors_* h2. DER HERMETISCHE ZIRKEL *_WORLD PREMIERE_* *EXPERIMENTAL FILM, D 2016* *RUNNING TIME: 33:00 MINS.* Location: Somewhere between Germany and Czechoslovakia, Year: 1974. The young Sarah is on the run, soon loses under mysterious circumstances her companion and gets more and more lost in the forests of the border area. When in a lot of pain she finally loses consciousness, she wakes up in a small hut, which soon becomes a gateway to a new world. *_DER HERMETISCHE ZIRKEL_* by *MORITZ UEBELE*, student at *Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach*, is one of those films that not only have to be seen, but above all, be experienced. This is how Sarah's journey turns into an imaginative experimental-film-trip, shot on 16mm, with unique images of the wonderful and the fantastic of a place, for whom boundaries and blocks seem to possess no meaning. *DIRECTOR, PRODUCTION, ADAPTATION:* Moritz Uebele, *DOP:* Caren Wuhrer, *MUSIC:* Daniel Urban, *STARRING:* Luise Aschenbrenner, Benjamin Radjaipour, Johanna Bronkalla, Carolin Mitschke et al. h2. VORM LINDIG *SHORT FEATURE FILM, D 2016* *RUNNING TIME: 20:00 MINS.* A short, bright glow on the horizon; a secluded hut surrounded by a mysterious forest. What is Lindig and what does he have to do with the disappearance of Ellie? *DIRECTOR, ADAPTATION, EDITOR:* Matthias Noe, *DOP:* Stefan Czech, *MUSIC:* Bernhard Philipp Eder, *STARRING:* Tino Leo, Katharina Hintzen, Thorsten Stoll, Renate Bahm h2. WHEN THE DEMONS DIE *SHORT FEATURE FILM, D 2016* *German subtitles* *RUNNING TIME: 18:45 MINS.* Father and son live alone in a lonely, dilapidated house. For fear of demons, who keep attacking the house again and again, the boy is forbidden to go outside. When one day they do attack, everything seems to be spinning out of control ... Exciting mystery thriller at its best. *DIRECTOR, ADAPTATION:* Daniel Rübesam, *CONCEPT, EDITOR:* Linda Bosch, *PRODUCTION:* Fabian Baier, Felix Faisst, DOP: Roland Stuprich, *MUSIC:* Jasmin Reuter, *STARRING:* Jonathan Ohlrogge, Crispian Belfrage

1 April 2017

22:00 h,

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Direction various
Year D 2016
Language German original and Original with German subtitles
Production various
Cast various
Camera various
Script various
Editing various