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*_Following talk in presence of the directors_* h2. ANYU – ODER WIE STALIN SEINE NASE VERLOR *_RHINE-MAIN PREMIERE_* *ANIMATION FILM, D 2016* *RUNNING TIME: 7:30 MINS.* Hungarian Uprising 1956: In this dream-like collage, little Anyu travels with her goose from Budapest to Bochum to find her mother who escaped. *DIRECTOR:* Lina Walde h2. BAG MOHAJER – TASCHE DES FLÜCHTLINGS *_WORLD PREMIERE_* *DOCUMENTARY, D 2016* *MULTIPLE LANG. WITH GERMAN SUBTITLES* *RUNNING TIME: 30 MINS.* "Bag Mohajer" is a social project where young refugees sew bags from those dinghies that carried them on their perilous voyages across the Mediterranean to Europe, but also from the lifejackets and useless clothing handouts.” ("WWW.BAGMOHAJER.ANTIRA.INFO":WWW.BAGMOHAJER.ANTIRA.INFO) *ADRIAN OESER's* film allows both refugees and the initiators of the project to speak, which has become a great example of a peaceful and respectful coexistence in Greece. Oeser finds a unique pictorial language, which lets the viewer experience the extent of the disaster in a completely new way. However, not helplessness and lethargy result from this but hope and cooperation, which is the expression of a young generation who, despite all the obstacles, builds on tolerance, creativity and solidarity. An important statement in times of increasing seclusion and the dubious renaissance of the nationalism. *DIRECTOR, PRODUCTION, EDITOR:* Adrian Oeser, *DOP:* Evangelos Anthimos, *SOUND:* Maleen Harlan, *MUSIC:* Max Clouth h2. DIE REGENBOGENMASCHINE *SHORT FEATURE FILM, D 2016* *RUNNING TIME: 29:20 MINS.* The escapee Binjam lives in a container while awaiting his asylum decision. When running coach Helmut discovers the athletic talent of the boy, Binjam senses his chance. *DIRECTOR, ADAPTATION:* Samuel Maasho, *PRODUCTION:* Riccardo Jurkovic, *DOP:* Theo von Asmuth, Gregory Weisert, *SOUND:* Paul Schuhladen, *STARRING:* Meron Kubrom, Mo Ahmadi, Matthias Spahn et al.

2 April 2017

20:30 h,

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Direction various
Year D 2016
Language German original and Original with German subtitles
Production various
Cast various
Camera various
Script various
Editing various

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