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Stanislav Mucha

2,000 years after the Lamentations (Tristia) of the Roman poet Ovid who was exiled to present-day Romania, director Stanislaw Mucha circumnavigates the Black Sea. Along its coast, he encounters people whose relationship to "their" sea is similarly ambivalent as to their history - and its neighbors. Kalashnikov traders, family vacationers and women working on tea plantations talk about their lives and their wars. And in between melancholic songs and dances to Euro Trash, between philosophers of life and an Olympic city construction site the sea itself appears, used by fishermen, loved by bathers and a force of nature to its residents. Mucha creates a monument in honour of them - in addition to the countless whom he meets on the road, to Lenin, fallen soldiers, Amazons and Ovid. In the confrontation with the monuments of the past Mucha paints a merciless picture of the present. A co-production of the Hessischer Rundfunk, supported by the Hessische Filmförderung. _*In the presence of director Stanislaw Mucha.*_ "*BUY TICKET NOW >>*":http://www.adticket.de/Lichter-Filmfestival-Shop.html?format=raw&searchname=Tristia

19 March 2015

18:00 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Stanislav Mucha
Year D 2014
Duration 100 min
Language OV
Production Gerd Haag, Frank Stephan Limbach
Camera Andrzej Król

Presented by:

Hesse Premiere