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Unterwegs in der Musik – Die Komponistin Barbara Heller

Lilo Mangelsdorff

During brief moments of devotion, the waves off La Gomera turn into music. From a child’s drawing, palm leaves or the patch in front of her house into flowing melodies. The composer and musicologist *Barbara Heller*, living in Darmstadt, gives the concept of onomatopoeia a completely own meaning. As a piano student in the 1950s, she is supported to study composition following the recommendation of her teacher and goes on to co-found the *“Archiv Frau und Musik”* _[woman and music archive]_, which makes the works of female composers publicly available. Apart from the view of the protagonist’s artistry, the movie also points out restrictions, which female musicians of the 20th century have been subjected to. With the support of the Frankfurt maecenia foundation for the advancement of women in arts and science as well as the *Hessische Filmförderung* _[Hessian film subsidies]_, the Frankfurt filmmaker *Lilo Mangelsdorff* presents in impressively clear and calm pictures the lively portrait of an extraordinary woman, who would love nothing better than to be music herself. *Sound:* Wolfgang Schemmert, Lilo Mangelsdorff; In 2014, *Lilo Mangelsdorff* has been featured in the *LICHTER competition for the best regional short film* with *_Wenn Pferde träumen_*. Find Barbara Heller’s website "here":http://www.barbaraheller.de/ The international workgroup *“Frau und Musik”* _[woman and music]_ has been founded in Cologne in 1978 under the direction of conductor and musicologist *Elke Mascha Blankenburg* and is based today in Frankfurt am Main under the name of *“Archiv Frau und Musik”* _[woman and music archive]_. At the hands of the workgroup have not only the works of *Fanny Hensel-Mendelssohn* become known to the general public, for e.g., but also female musicians have been supported and sponsored in the practice of their profession. Find the The archive’s website "here":http://www.archiv-frau-musik.de/cms/

2 April 2016

20:00 h, Mal Seh'n Kino

More information Lichter FilmfestLichter Filmfest

Direction Lilo Mangelsdorff
Year D 2016
Duration 84 min
Language German original version
Production Cinetix
Camera Lilo Mangelsdorff, Nina Werth
Script Lilo Mangelsdorff
Editing Lilo Mangelsdorff

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World premiere