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VIDEOSCHNIPSEL TALK –„Glotze, Kino, Filmtheater“ (“Flimmerbox, Cinema, Filmtheater“) by Jürgen Kuttner

Radio host and performance artist Jürgen Kuttner presents one of his legendary Videoschnipsel-talks for us at the eleventh LICHTER Film Festival. This time, he takes on German filmmaking and the medium that once formed our taste in film: German television.

When LICHTER will ask about the future of German film at the Congress on Festival-Thursday and Friday, Jürgen Kuttner will add to the discourse with entertaining insights into the shimmering world of German film- and television history. At the Volksbühne Berlin, in the span of 20 years, he perfected the honest format of the Videoschnipsel-talk, to subsequently fill theatres around the Republic. With filmic charade and insanity well-grounded in cultural science, the performance artist enters into Frankfurt's  Zoo-Lichtspiele.

Jürgen Kuttner (*1958 in East-Berlin) was a member of the Association of Fine Artists of the DDR until the fall of the Berlin Wall. 1990 he was part of founding the East-edition of the tageszeitung. Shows like Null Uhr Kuttner oder Kuttner zweimal klingeln were broadcast at ORB (Ostdeutscher Rundfunk Brandenburg) as well as the night programme of ARD. From 2002 to 2006, he was the radiohost of Nightline on YOU FM (Youth programme by Hessischer Rundfunk) Until 2007, he hosted the show Sprechfunk on Radio Fritz (in cooperation with SFB), the show Kuttner and Kuttner on the RBB radio channel Radio Eins with his daughter Sarah Kuttner followed. In addition to his work as a host, he is known for his monthly Videoschnipsel-talks at the Berliner Volksbühne among others. He also workson a theatre projects as a writer, actor and director.

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