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Virtual Reality Storytelling

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USA 2022
Director: Christopher Boulton
Length: 10:00 Min.

In the form of a 360° collage, various documentaries about the incredible vastness of the universe as well as the unfamiliar world of the microcosm of the cells, molecules and atoms are mixed and offer an insight into the cultural history of these visual worlds that seem familiar to us all despite never having seen them with our own eyes. 

Director Christopher Boulton combines several image and film materials created between 1957 and 2012 into a complex 360° panorama. Both starting point and inspiration is the documentary Powers of Ten (1977) by Charles and Ray Eames, which tries to make the proportions of micro and macrocosms understandable by slowly enlarging or reducing a scene of daily life by factor 10.

Lockdown Dreamscape VR

Experimental film
D 2022
Director: Nicolas Gebbe
Length: 6:00 Min

Lockdown, the reduction of life to one’s own four walls. An apartment becomes a cosmos in this experimental film through which we float through a space station, untethered from the rest of the world. Familiar forms dissolve and become something new, but ultimately everything just keeps running in circles. 

In the past two years, we all have made our own experiences with the pandemic and the following constraints in our daily lives. Lockdown Dreamscape VR uses the scenario of retreat from the public sphere for a playful meditation, a trippy journey through one’s own world, and shows interesting finds. But be warned: after this film, you will see your own home through different eyes...

Dislokacije (Dislocation)

Experimental film
HR/FR 2020
Director: Milivoj and Veljko Popovic
Length:  7:45 Min.

A beach in Greece, the Texan desert, a Slovenian forest–the places might differ from one another, but the destinies remain the same. In dark, dream-like, almost dance-like choreographed sequences, this film processes experiences of flight in a universal approach, and thus creates an insight into an eternally repeating tragedy people all over the world become victim to. In the centre of the film lies the emotional landscape of refugees: the alienation from oneself in the midst of the hardships of fleeing, while the memories of everything one has had to leave behind, of home, security and comfort, slowly fade away.

Surviving 9/11 – 27 hours under the rubble

USA/FR 2021
Director: Chloé Rochereuil;
Length: 20:21 Min.

In impressive tones, the VR documentary tells the story of Genelle Guzman-McMillan, the last person saved from Ground Zero after having spent 27 hours buried alive beneath the rubble.

In finely reconstructed 360° panoramas we experience New York in 2001 as well as the interiors of the World Trade Centre moments before its collapse and thus witness the momentous act of terror and the consequences that can be felt even today.

The attack is reconstructed bit by bit on the basis of Guzman-McMillans memories and outside of political and societal catastrophe, it offers insight into a very personal experience. Rather than ending with the collapse of the towers, it also tells a story of the way out of crisis and until this very day.


USA/KOR 2021
Director: Gina Kim
Length: 10:00 Min.

In images aesthetic and piercing, we’re wandering an empty clinic in Korea. So called Comfort Women, sex workers for the US-soldiers stationed nearby, we’re treated here with great brutality against their will if they showed signs of illness. Tearless sheds a light on one of the many forgotten and hidden chapters of the suffering of women in war. 

Director Gina Kim on her film:
„The nine-decade issue of Korean comfort women for the US military is more important than ever – it is the origin story of the fetishization of and violence against Asian women in the US. These US military comfort women embody the ruins and contradictions of the 20th century, and yet they have received neither reparations nor public recognition. Tearless aims to bring forward the experiences of these women while they are still alive. Their voices must be heard, their tears must be felt, and the women who did not survive – the ghosts that haunt the 21st century – deserve a long overdue reckoning.“

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