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Von Bienen und Blumen

Lola Randl

Following Film - Talk with Lola Randl, (Director/ Author), Andrea Diener (FAZ, Author), Heinz Schießer (Beekeeper/ Pedagogue) and Julius Schießer (Imkerei Schiesser) Host: Jakob Hoffmann

Who does not long for some relaxing time out every now and then? Especially in hip urban Berlin, the unresting yuppie can be pushed to the edge of burnout by the pressure of having to be up to date constantly. Fortunately, there is a workshop for every crisis. So why not escape to the Uckermark for a few weeks to do some physical labour? The beet tastes best if it is self-­harvested anyway. Next to vegetable gardening and raising goats, the idyllic village is also suitable for trying out alternative lifestyles and concepts of love. To broaden ones horizon is the main thing! Who knows when it's going to come in handy. 

With Von Bienen und Blumen (engl. About Bees and Flowers)Lola Randl presents a witty and ironic Mockumentary and a clever analysis of modern human beings in times of slowing down and being mindful. On weekends, Brandenburg becomes the place everyone wants to be, and weeding becomes fulfillment. 

Film Talk: Projektmenschen (Project-loving humans) and the countryside

THU 28th of March / Naxos.Kino / 6 PM

The yearning urban human fantasises about living in the country. Lola Randl's Mockumentary Von Bienen und Blumen follows these fantasies in a sociological as well as satirical report and thereby discovers the „Projektmensch“. The „Projektmensch“ pursues projects for the purpose of self-presentation – that is her hypothesis. He aims at an equal distribution of desire and routine.

The guests will discuss this hypothesis from different angles. Additionally, Randl presents her simultaneously released book also regarding the topic.

 Discussion and reading with:Lola Randl (director/ author), Andrea Diener (FAZ, author), Heinz Schießer (beekeeper/ educator), Julius Schießer (Imkerei Schiesser), Presentation: Jakob Hoffmann

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Direction Lola Randl
Year D 2018
Duration 96 min
Language German OV
Production Henning Kamm
Camera Lola Randl
Script Lola Randl
Editing Sabien Smit

Presented by:

Hessian Premiere