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Von Neonazis und Superhelden – die Kleinstadt Themar und der Rechtsrock

Adrian Oeser

In the presence of the director Adrian Oeser.

In the summer of 2017, the small town Themar in the province of Thuringia got a lot of public attention all throughout Europe. The otherwise peaceful town was the setting of one of the biggest concerts of right-wing extremist rock bands in German post-war history. The far-right scene, coming from Germany as well as Europe and Russia, assembled openly and confidently.  Chants of contemptuous and inhuman messages rang out and the Nazi salute was shown repeatedly. Documentary filmmaker Adrian Oeser visits the „extreme right-wing stronghold“ for three weeks in the beginning of 2018 to immerse himself in the way of thinking of Themar's residents. Because the number of extreme right-wing concerts in Thuringia continues to grow, a protest movement has formed – led by a superhero.

Using a journalistic approach, Adrian Oeser talks to organisers as well as protesters and seemingly neutral neighbours.

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Direction Adrian Oeser
Year D 2018
Duration 56 min
Language original language german
Production Adrian Oeser
Camera Evangelos Anthimos
Editing Adrian Oeser
Sound Niklas Menschik
Music Max Clouth