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LFFI19_VR Storytelling Award_Red in the Wind

VR Storytelling Screening VIII

Astrid Schult, Jürgen Brügger, Jörg Haaßengier, Marc Zimmermann, Sngmoo Lee, Kuan Yuan Lai, Benoit Felici

Berlin Terror – Die ersten Helfer vom Breitscheidplatz

Director: Astrid Schult, Jürgen Brügger, Jörg Haaßengier 

(D 2018 // German OV // Duration: 10 Min.)

12 deaths and 56 casualties. The sad consequences of the worst Islamist motivated terror attacks in the history of the German republic. How does one make a film about this – especially in the uniquely exposing medium VR? 

Berlin Terror deals with the narrative of the first responders, only shows the events in sketched out retellings, doesn’t indoctrinate or interprete, but shows and makes the events of this day in December 2016 available to experience. An impressive film making use of the 360° film genre confidently without losing respect for the victims.

Conscious Existence

Director: Marc Zimmermann

(D 2018 // engl. OV // Duration: 12 Min.

A firework of colours and shapes, sounds and music generates an ecstasy of images trying to celebrate the endless possibilities of a freed spirit, the gift of human consciousness. With great effort and technical as well as creative finesse, a visual world is created that lingers in your memories. A VR-experience that only unfolds all its effects in the 360° sphere and invites to let the eyes wander and thoughts, feelings and associations flow freely.

Eyes in the Red Wind

Director: Sngmoo Lee

(KOR 2018 // OV with English subtitles // Duration: 12 Min.)

Eyes in the Red Wind combines mystical ritual and tradition with the bitter disappointment and anger of a dysfunctional family. The staging in a single shot and the lovingly planned set design let the audience experience an original 360° adventure.

The South Korean director Sngmoo Lee managives to create an impressive atmosphere and link an experimental idea of a genre film to 360° film.

Pneumo Hacker

Director: Kuan Yuan Lai

(TWN 2018 // OV with English subtitles // Duration: 11 Min.)

In a dark, not too far-off future, humanity is threatened by a computer virus. However, not their technology but the humans themselves are the target. Only the Pneumo Hackers can fight against the invisible threats. In a set designed to be affectionately-trashy, a bizarre spectacle happens that recalls the VHS-aesthetic of the 1980’s. With a lot of bravery and ingenuity, the filmmakers manage to make a quirky science-fiction film.

The Real Thing

Director: Benoit Felici

(F 2018 // OV with English subtitles // Duration: 16 Min.)

The Real Thing is a documentary about a city known by possibly no one and still intimately known. More really shouldn’t be said about the film, except that it would be a sensation even without the use of VR. But the city tour of a different kind is made an unforgettable event by the fact that all the possibilities of the 360° medium are used masterfully in both technical and dramaturgical terms.

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Direction Astrid Schult, Jürgen Brügger, Jörg Haaßengier, Marc Zimmermann, Sngmoo Lee, Kuan Yuan Lai, Benoit Felici
Year D/KOR/TWN/F 2018
Duration 60 min
Language Various
Production Various
Cast Various
Camera Various
Script Various
Editing Various
Sound Various
Music Various

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