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Walking Distance (Distancias Cortas)

Alejandro Guzmán Alvarez

Frederico Sanchez carries a heavy burden in the truest sense of the word. After a heart attack, doctors strongly advise the heavily overweight man to lose weight and to avoid strain. The latter comes much more naturally to Frederico. He has not left his decrepit apartment for years; the occasional compliance visit from his overprotective sister is his only connection to the outside world. Until he decides to finally have an old color film developed, which not only forces him to leave his cramped four walls, he also unexpectedly finds new friends and his passion for photography. *_Walking Distance_* is an urban fairytale about the burdensome journey of a gentle giant out of his prison of self-imposed solitude. In tranquil images with an affectionate look and gentle humor, the film introduces us to the world and the daily struggles of a person suffering from obesity without turning us into voyeurs.

"Review on Hollywoodreporter.com":http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/walking-distance-distancias-cortas-chicago-835055

3 April 2016

18:00 h, CineStar Metropolis

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Direction Alejandro Guzmán Alvarez
Year Mexico 2015
Duration 100 min
Language Spanish OV with English subtitles
Production Henner Hofmann, Karla Bukantz
Cast Luca Ortega, Mauricio Issac, Joel Figueroa, Martha Claudia Moreno and others
Camera Diana Garay Viñas
Script Itzel Lara
Editing Juan Manuel Figueroa

Presented by:

Rhine-Main Premiere