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Julia Ziesche

*Hessian Premiere* *_Following Talk in Presence of the filmteam_* Viola argues with her mother Doris. She wants to quit school, move from Frankfurt to London and become an actress – Doris is strictly against it. No wonder: with over thirty years of age difference they seem to have nothing in common except for their accidental and secret pregnancies. But since Doris's other daughter, Mascha, is stuck in a crisis, grandpa Theo is becoming more and more forgetful and on top of it all, someone has to take care of the family dog, the characters completely forget to talk to each other in the ruckus of everyday and special problems. Relaxed and with laconic humour, director and screenwriter *JULIA ZIESCHE* tells the tragicomic events that connect the generations in their ups and downs. _"Ziesche has created quite unequal figures who are all authentic in their own way and which are convincingly embodied by the actors."_ – SR ONLINE Guest at the *Montreal Film Festival 2016* and the *Max Ophüls Filmfestival 2017*.

31 March 2017

18:00 h,

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Direction Julia Ziesche
Year D 2016
Duration 94 min
Language German Original
Production Jakob Neuhäusser, Katrin Haase
Cast Olivia Grigolli, Luise von Finckh, Maja Beckmann, Joel Ameloot, Alex Brendemühl
Camera Jan Prahl
Script Julia Ziesche
Editing Daniela Hoelzgen, Gloria Zettel

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