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What to do with documentaries? Festivals and Cinemas – Digital Platforms and the Public (Late) Broadcasting Slots

With: Gerhard Wissner (Festivalleiter Kasseler Dokfest, Filmladen Kassel e.V.), Antonia Kilian (Filmemacherin, u.a. „The other side of the river“),
Susanne Binninger oder David Bernet (AG Dok), t.b.a.


The consequences of the Corona crisis for the film industry and the cinema have started an unprecedented thought process in Germany. The rigid structures of the past decades needed to be reconsidered within the shortest time. Many of the old thought models have been discussed for years, but the pandemic and it’s varying degrees of strain have made it possible to try out theories and concepts in practice. This is especially true for documentaries, which suffer from a lack of film offerings in public television.

The hype on streaming services has started a general debate: where and how can cinema documentaries find their audience? And when set airtimes in linear television will ultimately be a thing of the past and no longer viable, will it rise from the ashes?

In this panel, experts from the German-speaking sphere reflect on the circumstances of documentary film in regards to its evaluation and discuss its future models.

13 May 2022

10:00 h,

More information Lichter FilmfestLichter Filmfest

Duration 60 min
Language German

Congress future german cinema