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Whatever Happens Next (Rerun)

Julian Pörksen

Obviously, one could always leave. One could get out of the car, the train, of the bike and simply be gone. Leave one’s entire bourgeois existence behind. One day, 43-year-old Paul gives in to this idea. From then on, he roams the land as a nice good-for-nothing, freeloader and swindler. Unbidden, he enters the lives of strangers: he sits in foreign kitchens, shows up uninvited to parties and funerals, makes common cause with a demented grandmother. Thereby, he embodies a radical alternative to our society’s standards and norms. He is self-determined by allowing himself to drift along; he has no life plan, instead he jumps headfirst into life; he plays with different versions of himself. He only assumes responsibility for the moment in time. Freely adapted from John Cage’s programmatic statement: “I welcome whatever happens next”

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Direction Julian Pörksen
Year D/PL 2018
Duration 97 min
Language German OV
Production Stefan Gieren
Cast Sebastian Rudolph, Lilith Stangenberg, Peter René Lüdicke et al
Script Julian Pörksen
Sound Paulina Sacha
Music Mahan Mobashery

Future German Cinema