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Wild Heart (Wildes Herz)

Charly Hübner, Sebastian Schultz

During the last years, the punk-rock band “Feine Sahne Fischfilet” has come under public scrutiny more and more often. The reason: Their commitment against right-wing radicalism and its supporters in their home region Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Loosely along the lines of their song “Noch Nicht Komplett Im Arsch” (Not Completely Fucked Yet), they perform at protests against the far-right and support aid to refugees. Some only see “Pomerania’s most dangerous band” as radical left-wing anarchists, but many appreciate them as politically engaged artists.

In his documentary Wildes Herz, between childhood anecdotes of charismatic singer Jan “Monchi” Gorkow and footage of performances, the actor and filmmaker Charly Hübner shows the band’s effort in not letting their home be bogged down into the far-right’s swamp.

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Direction Charly Hübner, Sebastian Schultz
Year D 2017
Duration 90 min
Language German OV
Production Eichholz Film GmbH, Lars Jessen, Sebastian Schultz, *Production Management:* Matthias Voucko
Camera Martin Farkas, Roman Schauerte
Script Charly Hübner, Sebastian Schultz
Editing Sebastian Schultz
Sound Moritz Springer
Music Jörg Gollasch

Presented by:

Hessian Premiere

Future German Cinema