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Wintermärchen // Short film: Stiller Löwe

Jan Bonny

In the presence of the director Jan Bonny.

“It´s time for another big bang!” The relationship of Becky and Tommi is dominated by self-eroding boredom. In their grimy apartment, they make big plans: they want to murder foreigners and attract nationwide attention as a terror cell. Suddenly, Maik turns up in their kitchen and soon, the passive duo becomes an explosive threesome. Due to their increasing disorientation, the alleged values they used to preach hitherto become bogged down. Honour, pride, and loyalty aren´t of importance anymore.

Jan Bonny´s drama Wintermärchen is explicitly political. The harsh and drastic camera shots show right-wing violence, dysfunctional sexuality, and social abysses.

Once per month, film series “Was tut sich – im deutschen Film?“ provides a platform for the current events in German cinema. In March Jan Bonny is showing his radical and controversial drama Wintermärchen, which broaches the issue of the NSU, and which has already shaken up the Film Festival Cologne as it was awarded for best feature film. With his cinema debut Gegenüber (2007), Jan was directly invited into the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at the Filmfestival in Cannes. After a bit of television work, Wintermärchen is his second cinema feature film. 

Supporting film: Stiller Löwe
(D 2013)
Length: 6 min.
Director: Sven Philipp Pohl

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Direction Jan Bonny
Year D 2018
Duration 125 min
Language original language german
Production Bettina Brokemper, Heimatfilm GmbH + Co KG
Cast Ricarda Seifried, Thomas Schubert, Jean-Luc Bubert
Camera Benjamin Loeb
Script Jan Eichberg, Jan Bonny
Editing Stefan Stabenow, Christoph Otto
Sound Christoph Schilling
Music Lucas Croon

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in co-operation with: epd film and DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum

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