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You are Everything

Lena Geller

*_Hesse premiere_* *_fOLLOWING TALK IN PRESENCE OF DIRECTOR LENA GELLER_* A journalist, a doctoral student and a DJ meet at a festival... What seems like the beginning of a joke marks the start of a ludicrous journey across half the globe. Georg is a freelance journalist and lives with his girlfriend Vera in Berlin. He dreams of the big story. After visiting a festival, the two meet DJ and free spirit Dave Zuma. Georg asks him for an interview, Dave has set his eyes on Vera - the path to the classic love triangle has been paved. Together with Dave and his crew, the two go on a colorful roadtrip, which takes them across Europe and to the edge of the world. Vera documents Dave's vision of a huge world party; Georg’s reportage provides the narrative framework. *LENA GELLER*, a graduate of the _Kasseler Kunsthochschule_, delivers with her debut a furious amour fou. The film, which provides a unique insight into the world of Goa festivals and their emergence, is a single, huge party – drug trips included. The motto is quite clear: partying is better than war!

31 March 2017

22:00 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Lena Geller
Year D 2016
Duration 98 min
Language German original
Production Matthias Becker
Cast Gregoire Gosset, Eva Kessler, Adam Nümm, Heiko Kurrat et al.
Camera Matthias Becker
Script Lena Geller
Editing Lena Geller, Matthias Becker