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Yourself and Yours (Dangsinjasingwa dangsinui geot)

Sang-soo Hong

*International competition* *_Hessen Premiere_* The artist Young-soo, who is head over heels in love, actually lives in a happy relationship. But mean rumors are circulating that his girlfriend Minjung meets up with other men behind his back, drinks too much, picks arguments in public. Indignantly she fends off this accusation and complains about the lack of trust. A break in their relationship is meant to provide clarity. Blinded by love, Young-soo wants that everything turns out alright. But with every day without her, his need grows to find out more about Minjung and the increasingly wild rumours. Is there a double? Could the ever so sensitive Minjung conceal a secret side from him? Indeed, are the contradictions just a product of his projections? *_YOURSELF AND YOURS_* is a fantastically playful exploration of love, insecurity and obsessions. The darling of festivals *SANG-SOO HONG* (*_RIGHT NOW, WRONG THEN_*) creates another brilliantly striking version of his eternal hobby: complicated relationship, self-righteous man-artist, too much alcohol. _“What most cements this as a essential chapter in the big book of Hong is how willing the film is to trip itself up and get turned around. Hong has always taken more pleasure in raising questions than providing answers, but “ Yourself and Yours” is like watching the Minotaur get lost in his own maze — seldom have its director’s signature zooms felt like they were so sincerely looking for something.”_ – David Ehrlich, IndieWire

1 April 2017

20:30 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Sang-soo Hong
Year KOR 2016
Duration 93 min
Language Korean with German subtitles
Camera Hong-yeol Park
Script Sang-soo Hong

Presented by:

Hessen Premiere