Who said it? The despot quiz with Michael Quast and Rainer Ewerrien

"Perception is true, truth is not."
Well, who said it...?

This quote comes from an interview with Imelda Marcos for the documentary "The Kingmaker" (2019). So we have to disappoint all those who immediately thought of Donald Trump right away. The American president, with a penchant for a quick change of opinion, likes to talk about the issue of truth in principle, but at the moment he prefers to talk about the Corona-Crisis. The results of this are obscure statements such as: "We are going down considerably, not upwards." (on February 26 in a press briefing on the number of U.S. Corona cases) 

Given the current figures in the US, it is not just sheer mockery. It all sounds almost like a bad movie. What gets us the point: history – and unfortunately also the present – is shaped by despots. Their opinions are often so outrageous that we really don't believe them. Freely according to the motto: Life sometimes writes the most abstruse monologues. 

For this reason, we have brought two original personas of the hessian cultural and comedy business to guide trough the real as well as fictional gibberish of various rulers. In a special "Who-said-it-podcast-episode" Michael Quast and Rainer  Ewerrien try to locate various statements across the scenes of real and fictional tyranny. Richard III, Imelda Marcos, Pol Pot, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and  Doctor  Strangelove  are just some of the names they will encounter.

Michael Quast

Michael Quast was born in Heidelberg in 1959 and conquered his audience as a versatile comedian, conférencier and director. He worked, among other places, at the Düsseldorfer Kom(m)ödchen, the Staatstheater Stuttgart, the Hamburger Kammerspiele, the Theater Heidelberg, the Staatstheater Mainz, the Hessian State Theatres in Darmstadt, Wiesbaden and Kassel as well as the Schauspiel and Opera Frankfurt. 

Michael Quast is co-inventor of the summer festival 'Barock am Main'. He founded and directs the 'Fliegende Volksbühne Frankfurt Rhein-Main', which, with the Volksbühne im Großen Hirschgraben, has a permanent venue since January 2020. For his work he has been awarded the German Cabaret Award, the Rheingau Music Award, the Frankfurt Binding Culture Award and the Hessian Order of Merit.

Rainer Ewwerien

Rainer Ewerrien completed his acting training at the theatre workshop "Fe Reichelt" in Frankfurt am Main. This was followed by theatre, film and television appearances, comedy programmes as author and actor ("Trio Blamage", "Magic Monday Frankfurt"). Short films ("Wolfsmänner") and since 2005 also scripts such as "Die Aufschneider" (The Braggers), "Götter wie wir" (Gods Like Us), "Männerhort", "Systemfehler - wenn Inge tanzt" (Glitch in the System - When Inge Dances) ...

The ZDF series "Götter wie wir" was nominated for the Grimme Award in 2013. In the same year, the series won the German Television Award in the category "Best Comedy" and the Hessian Film Award. "Männerhort" had over a million viewers in the cinema. Rainer Ewerrien lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.