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LICHTER Podcast Regional Program

The LICHTER Podcast 2021

The regional feature film program has probably never been as extensive as this year! Six feature films (more than ever before) and a selection of films that shines with premieres from Hesse and Germany. Could it be difficult to choose a film? Not at all! In the LICHTER podcast, the team chats about each film in the section and tells why which film is absolutely worth seeing.

LICHTER Game Show "Trick or Truth"

It is 2021 and we’re inviting you to “Trick or Truth/True Confessions”, presented by the Lichter Filmfestival Frankfurt International and your local internet supplier. In Trick or Truth, filmmakers of regional short films gather and, true to format, will have to cleverly employ questions to find out which story they are being told is true and which ones are merely a figment of our filmmakers imaginations. In addition to perfectly pointed entertainment, you can get to know the filmmakers of our regional short film programme a little more and maybe hear a few anecdotes from the films. All of this you can watch for free at https://lichter-filmfest.de/.

So get your sweatpants and screens, we’ll be waiting!

Click here for the YouTube Video!